13 February 2006


I'm a feeler. Both in communication style, and as part of my MBTI type. Don't know what that is? Here is the description from the communication styles assessment:

behavioral focus expression, human interaction, projecting feelings

value orientation family, friendship, loyalty

time sense past

motivated by love, sense of contribution, recognition

behavioral comfort zones human interaction tasks, being "on stage," probing, analyzing others

behavioral discomfort zones structured situations, taking orders, impersonal /scientific, demanding accuracy

hobby orientation social, entertaining, family interaction, fiction, volunteering, beach scene

oral communication personalized, marked voice inflection

written communication unplanned, spontaneous, warm

color preference warm colors

dress preference informal

work environment preference homey, comfortable

work content preference helping professions, acting, selling, cooking, psychology, ministry, retail business

Now, that is almost 100% accurate. especially - behavioral focus, motivation, oral and written communication.

Anyway, with all of this said, I think it's fairly safe to guess that when I feel things, I feel them two to three times more strongly than the average person. When I am happy, I AM HAPPY. Like today. It has been perfect and wonderful. Even when I was sitting next to that huge window at the coffee shop, which caused me to freeze. I didn't care. I was having too good of a time with my life. Oh boy, you probably think I'm nuts, don't you? Anyway, I just got this e-mail from my professor:

Due to the fact that 8 planners are going to NYC AND they are now leaving on Wednesday, Brand You is totally fucked up. I will be back in touch with new dates for this.

This is in reference to the assignment I spoke of in my first ever entry. I am not ecstatic because of the extension, but because of his word choice. totally fucked up. In WHAT other industry would this be okay, from a professor? I am in love. with advertising.
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