20 February 2006

burning eyes. 1.30am.

Every time I think about how lucky I am to have found planning and the Adcenter, I panic a little bit. I don’t know why. Will I be found out? Surely it can’t be fair that I love this so much and will be getting paid for it one day. Surely I’m cheating the system by feeling like I’m playing with toys and having the time of my life all day, every day, and yet it’s still work. But then I realize – this does exist. It’s real. It’s legitimate. I get to inspire people for a living. And that’s when you can see me running up and down the hallways, because I have no idea what else to do with that rush. It’s too strong for me to stand still.

19 February 2006

an Easter egg, just for me!

(click on it)

support always helps.

from my ad partner in crime:

You can do this.
You will have a place to work.
In New York.
Doing what you love.
And finding new things to love.


18 February 2006

oh my god.


click here. I promise, you will die.


It might be interesting to do a cultural analysis of instant messaging culture.

1. I wonder where the "I made a typo, here is an asterisk" came from:

johanna: it drives me crayz.
johanna: *crazy

2. a nod to the speed of technology progression:

shana: i mean..online harrassing is so 1999

am i contributing to this?

adcenter vs. immunity

proof that no sleep [will lead to]

run down = low defenses = flu


good thing I love what I do.

16 February 2006

coming in the mail today

just to be facetious, I think. But think about it - cell phone in my bag, walking down the road talking on this HUGE rotary phone handle, curly cable and all. It's almost like a tongue-in-cheek poke at the rate of the progression of technology. First it was earpiece with cable, then earpiece that wraps around your ear, then wireless, bluetooth, microchips, cell phones implated into your hand, etc.

15 February 2006


It's twenty to four in the morning. I value sleep so much, that whenever I am up this late working, I panic at the same time. "Oh god, four more hours to sleep. Oh god, only three hours left." and so on. But tonight, no. Well, maybe it's because my first meeting isn't until 2.30pm. But it's mostly because I see my portfolio coming together, my life coming together, my confidence in myself coming together.

I made 2 things tonight (among MANY other things).

1. a photo log of my day yesterday.

2. (pardon the green grammar squiggles)

Good night. literally.

13 February 2006

Waking Life... in life?

Okay, this is creepy. I was just watching Waking Life this morning. Now, I am at a tiny table in the corner of a coffee shop, and two people are near me, sitting across from each other, in huge plushy couches, with a coffee table separating them. They are having a conversation. an intense, philosophical, deep one. a la Waking Life. In the same tone of voices as many of the characters in the movie.

I just looked at my watch, and at my computer's clock. nothing wiggling. twenty after three. Then again, I also tried to switch the lamp on and off, and nothing happened.

So which is it?

04 February 2006

<3 technology

When I was little (around 4 years old), the thing I wanted the most was Penny's computer book from Inspector Gadget. I used to try to recreate it, using folded pieces of my father's computer paper. I used an orange highlighter to draw the keys and screen. oh, I wanted that computer book. I also liked her little phone screen watch, but the book was my dream.

[image from a screen capture from the first episode (yes I watched the entire thing!)]
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