31 December 2011

2011 in pictures.

In fewer than twelve hours, 2011 will cease to exist. From long-distance travel (Los Angeles, Seattle three times and Switzerland twice) to best friends moving, death, illness, and professional growth, it's been a whirlwind of activity – both good and not so good. Time for my annual Year In Pictures...

My creation

As you can see, I ate macarons the size of my hand, traveled to faraway lands, saw (and heard) alphorns for the first time, had a proper English breakfast (...in Brooklyn), bought my first watch, and was surrounded by loved ones. Even though the second half of the year kind of unraveled a bit, so much happened to only make me excited for 2012. Bring it.

Happy New Year, everyone ^^

01 December 2011

November in pictures.

I hate it when it gets dark so early. It has little bearing on goings on, though. (At least for now, only 2 days into it being noticeably cold.)

Yes he did.

Bent Gallery


Let's hope hibernation doesn't happen at all this winter. Even though my body is constantly exhausted, I love seing explosions of activity any time a dark, cold door swings open in the middle of the night in this city. That second photo is an example: Walking toward calling it a night brought me to an art opening somewhere in between a comic book, a skate deck, and a Purple Mag party. I had no choice but to go in, do a few laps, and grin.
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