07 April 2006


trendwatching.com published it's April briefing today, on a new term - INFOLUST. It pretty much represents the ultimate in consumer empowerment, guided by our insatiable need to know everything. The hell with information overload - no such thing. The briefing talks about competitive prices when shopping online, sharing of information and reviews, mobile devices becoming increasingly useful (Google, GPS, video on mobile phones). You can now find information on apartments-for-rent by texting a certain code to a certain number, based on the sign hanging outside. These plus other QR-type codes hold so much information for consumers with relevant technology in such a small space, it only leaves room for more. Will our heads explode, eventually? Even kinetic culture junkies such as myself have to prioritize with the information we choose to take in, or we will never sleep. ever.

Here is the briefing.
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