17 April 2006

notebook snippets

I had four cups of coffee yesterday and little food. The way I was feeling at 3.30am reminded me of that part in Coffee & Cigarettes where the guy mentions drinking lots of coffee right before bed because it makes him dream faster. My mind was racing but my body was exhausted.

"I wrote something on my wall today, right next to my bed, at eye level when I'm laying down.

today is a good day to die.

My mother used to tell me that Native Americans say it in the mornings. I always envisioned them saying it when they stepped outside, looking at the land and the sun. It speaks (to me) to living life to it's fullest, never holding back on wishes and dreams. So that if one were to die today, they would be satisfied with everything they had done up to that point.

Will you say 'wait a minute' when it's time for you to die?

[I saw that in Adbusters over the summer]"


"on eating breakfast shortly after dawn.

I think I've pointedly done this once. The first night I hung out with my friend Nate. I think it was 5.30 or 6.00. We had hung out all night... we were hungry and went to 3rd Street Diner. I may have had corned beef hash with fried eggs slapped on top. and coffee. I actually think it was dark when we got there, and that pretty morning light when we left. There is something peaceful about the silence so early in the morning. People move more slowly than when everybody is fully awake and zooming around. I should do this more often. It reminds me of the time Nicole described Chinatown at 7.00am, when the bus arrives to New York, everybody slowly opening their shops and setting up for the day. quiet. beautiful."


Nicole mentioned a couple of nights ago that she wants to live in the sky. I didn't get it at first, but I really do now. "I live in the sky here, sort of. When I am in my bed and I look out my window, all I see are clouds."


"on Yakitori Taisho and why it makes me miss Japan even though I've never been there

There is a Japanese restaurant on St. Mark's place, and I always noticed the sign and wanted to go in.


...in scribbly (or grungy) letters (a dull gold, I think). I never got to see inside, because it's set down a couple of steps, I think. But Laura took me, last I was in New York. This place feels so fucking authentic, even though I shouldn't know what the hell I'm talking about. tiny, cramped, you can barely move. so noisy and full of life and we sat on these teensy little cow-milking stools right in front of the kitchen where people were frying and chopping and yelling Japanese at each other and the din was incredible. We got amazing pan-fried rice noodles with vegetables and pork and it was unbelievably cheap, I think. It was like walking into Japan, and then walking back out into the cold of New York City, with a warm and happy tummy."


A lot of this stuff was sort of written in an e-mail to Nicole last night.

Okay, time to start my day.
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