05 April 2006

written in TextEdit today

my friend andrew and i had bento boxes today at hana zushi. we had the best talks, too. so already you have 2 excellent things happening in one day. a lot of what we were talking about centered around the fact that you only get one life. a lot of people seem to forget this all too often. they turn into robots at work, get complacent at their jobs, hate waking up on monday mornings, stay in towns they hate for years because they're too "comfortable" to shake things up, etc. it's all about complacency, i think. you only get one life. go to tokyo. go to london. live somewhere you'd never dream of living. what have you got to lose?

another thing we talked about was the flattening of the world. technology moving at a faster and faster pace every day, and how in 10 years we may not even be able to catch up. he mentioned the japanese planning to expand underground, with clear sidewalks to act as skylights for those below. we talked about people not needing to work in an office, but existing in entire regions, working as mobile pods with their computers. i mentioned giving a presentation over the phone to someone far away last week, both of us with the file in front of us. bullet trains being commonplace, and being able to have a business dinner in paris with a client even if you lived in frankfurt. if you think of things on this level, the whole "flying cars" thing actually does exist, in a way. we can travel to shanghai without even leaving our desk in richmond virginia.

i have to go, my mind is about to explode.
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