18 May 2006

wow. hello. hi. Here I am.

I have been scarce as of late, because I was finishing my fourth and final semester at the Adcenter. It's been insanely hectic, and I've stayed up all night a few times. I finished my portfolio and survived portfolio review.

Here is my portfolio (I handed that one in, so I have to make an entirely new one now).

Here is a snapshot of what I had to bring to portfolio review (I also brought several bound documents, some data CDs and a laptop to show my Kodak video brief).

I wrote soul-bearing entries on my Myspace blog about both experiences. I am a little emotionally drained, to say the least.

hm, what else is going on. For a while, there was a large possibility that I would be moving to London, but that is not the case now, for reasons I will not go into. But, during the three months when I was considering it, I began to really notice the differences between the two cultures. It's fascinating. For instance, I always knew that tea was the thing to drink in the UK, but didn't know that coffee was so scarce. I guess being bombarded by coffee shops on every corner in Richmond and New York, and the global proliferation of Starbucks successfully clouded my objectivity.

Russell Davies maintains a blog about coffee houses he goes to, called a good place for a cup of tea and a think. I read it religiously, because I go to as many as I can as well, and take photos and notice the people and surroundings and service, etc. But the following line made me really realize the difference here: Thinking back I think this might actually be coffee. (I was trying to stay awake.) But that's not the point. It was served with care and attention. That's the point. heh.
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