14 June 2006

boycotting Cristal

Apparently Cristal champagne said that the attention they are getting from rappers like Jay-Z is "unwelcome". The spokesman also said that he's sure Krug or Dom Perignon would be happy to have their business instead. What a mistake. geez. Now Jay-Z and the 40/40 Club are boycotting Cristal, according to the press release. I don't know if they prefer snobbery to making a profit, or if they don't know HOW MUCH MONEY the hip-hop industry holds, but this is a stupid, stupid move. This bad word-of-mouth is only going to trickle to the rest of the hip-hop community and to all of the fans (some of which blow thousands of dollars on bottles of Cristal in clubs in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc.). boy oh boy.
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