03 June 2006

determination and notebook snippets

Determination might be defined as... performing manual labor for an hour in order to earn enough color print credits to print out a new (and hopefully improved) portfolio to bring to what could possibly end up being the agency of my dreams.

notebook snippets from today

I am sitting at World Cup, writing with a borrowed pen. I've been here several times before, only never outside. There are many clouds in the sky and there is a slight breeze. The garage doors aren't open, but I guess it's okay, since they are clear. There are cute little wire chairs and a table (well, many tables), and a tiny park with benches. There are birds. I just heard one flutter behind me. My plastic 25¢ ring that I got in the convenience store by Patrick's house matches these pages. My $6 plastic white pearly thick bangle matches the whole experience. I have an iced tropical green tea. I guess living in a quiet little suburb is okay sometimes. Three little sparrows just hopped by, and a girl that looks like she belongs in an Urban Outfitters photo shoot just went in. She is wearing a red + white striped tank and big plastic sunglasses on her head. There is a Japanese guy at the table across from me that is wearing an Armani Exchange t-shirt, faded jeans and Pumas. He's reading a Japanese newspaper. Urban Outfitters Girl has a long gold chain necklace around her neck, with a gold anchor hanging from it. Even more so now. I've been thinking that it might be pretty to have a necklace with a treble clef on it.

It's a little chilly now because some of the sun went away and there is a breeze now.

I just came from Carytown, where I looked at some cruiser bikes at Agee's, some alarm clocks and Paul Frank t-shirts at World of Mirth, and some totes and mugs at Mongrel. I was with Josh, whom I had lunch with at my favorite Galaxy Diner. I had really good coffee and a BLT with cucumber salad and mac&cheese. He had corn chowder and a ham+cheese omelette.

(even more so! She has a dusting of freckles on her face!)

He paid for my lunch! So I bought us homemade ice cream at Bev's. He had raspberry with chocolate chips, and I had cake batter ice cream.

I was thinking about Alsfeld yesterday. And the day before, too, I think. It's a typical little village house, with an inverted-V roof, complete with the tiny little attic window right under the point of the top. There is a little metal fence that has dark green outline and bright yellow checkered inside. There are fresh flowers all over the front of the house, with bees everywhere. and a cherry tree. There are a few stone steps going up to the front door. There is a little cross stitch (that I made) in the foyer. My room upstairs was so sparse. a twin bed, light wood frame with pretty sheets and blankets, a light wood night stand with a simple lamp. a little closet, the ceiling diagonally slopes right over the bed (from the roof). There is a little window overlooking the huge backyard and garden where my Opa grew vegetables for the salads. My Oma used to make everything. cakes and soups and schnitzel and potatoes and everything. Every morning there were rolls and slices of hard brown bread, and cherry and strawberry and raspberry preserves that Oma would make from scratch and store in little glass jars in the basement. and cold cuts and hard salami and cheese and butter that was so fresh, and softboiled eggs. I learned how to ride a bike in Alsfeld. up and down that hill.

An indie-looking boy with shaggy hair, some keys and a disposable camera came out and replaced the Japanese guy. He has some sort of iced coffee drink and a paperback copy of Macbeth and a notebook.

still birds.

Either Urban Outfitters Girl or her friend has a delicious perfume on. The air smells clean.


[ By the way, I got my journal at Urban Outfitters. It's designed by Jill Bliss and is gorgeous. attention to detail. such a reasonable price $9.99 for what you get. ]
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