28 July 2006


When I attended Piers Fawkes's talk at the AAAA Account Planning Conference last week, I was reminded to write an entry on Flavorpill. I've been a devout subscriber for over a year (I'm probably way behind on things, according to Piers).

I first visited the site when I saw a print ad in Surface Magazine. I noticed that they had a weekly New York edition (Flavorpill e-mails you every Tuesday, letting you know of cultural happenings in your city), so I signed up the day I moved to Brooklyn for the summer. It kept me in tune to concerts (they helped me see Enon and Puffy Amiyumi), art exhibits (they let me know this summer about the MoMA's Dada exhibit), films and more. It really helps you get the most out of your city and fill your time with richness. Not soon after, I had subscribed to all of their e-magazines - Artkrush (art), Earplug (electronic music), JC Report (global fashion trends) and Boldtype (books). Reading all of them makes me wish I had 48 hours in every day, so I could experience even half of the wonderful things they talk about. It's a great exercise in prioritizing.

Flavorpill recently came out with Activate, which I recommend to everybody. Maybe it's a good example of planning... seeing as how many of us are so busy with our jobs /blogging /lives that we don't have as much time to keep up with the world as we'd like. Activate e-mails you every Friday with the most important news headlines of the week. They stick in some humorous stories and bits of culture as well. It's wonderful, has made my life easier, and makes me feel not as guilty about missing some of what passes me by.

Going back to my first paragraph, everyone should also put Piers Fawkes's blog, PSFK on their RSS. He is a brilliant guy who is more up on what is happening all over the world than anybody else I know /have heard of. He, like Activate, also condenses it down for us all, making it easier to feel as cool as he is.
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