14 November 2006

Anais Lee.

First, I want to say that Michael Surtees is the king of links. He must be! He facilitated my meeting with Jack by taking a photo of the very same Starbucks cup I quoted on here, and now this. Well, we'll see if she responds to me, but I today found a wonderful web site (and person) through him. Again, indirectly.

At Russell's coffee morning on Saturday, Michael saw my Moleskine and suggested that I join the Flickr group Moleskinerie. It's a wonderful concept - photos posted by anybody, containing scribbles, doodles, thoughts, objects, and so on... all in their Moleskines. I looked it up this morning, and kept clicking on certain photos that I felt drawn to. I soon realized that all of the ones I loved belonged to the same girl, Anais Lee. I went to her Flickr page and looked at her Moleskine set. She is a wonderful illustrator, has a vivid imagination, and captures things really well. She highlights seemingly little things, like what she carries in her bag, or what her apartment layout looks like; they are the exact things I love to read about, though. My favorite part is the Japanese writing all over the place. I can see her potentially being a great planner. Visit Anais's site. Look through it. Put her blog on your feed reader. Be inspired.
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