22 November 2006

cupcake evening

Originally uploaded by johanna on video.
...rather than coffee morning.

Yesterday was my most stressful day yet at Naked, and I almost lost my mind. Good thing one of my blogfriends was in town. Clay Parker Jones of exitcreative was here, and visited the office for a few minutes. Then we took advantage of part of my birthday present from Nicole - a 9$ gift certificate to Sugar Sweet Sunshine - good for six cupcakes. I high recommend this place to anybody in the NY area; it was founded by two friends who left Magnolia Bakery, and in my opinion the cupcakes at SSS are better.

What Nicole may not know is that Clay and I have the exact same birthday - 08 September - so it was like a belated birthday treat for both of us! We each had a red velvet and a pumpkin. Both were delicious. I have 2 cupcakes left, and will surely keep them as my "emergency fund" for similarly stressful days. Thank you, Nicole :)
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