18 December 2006


I was tagged by Amber of Big Secret Pizza Party to list five things you didn't know about me. Then I get to tag five other people.

I like this. First of all, I love lists. Second of all, I love multiples of five. Third of all, I never think anybody ever reads my blog, and then something like this happens! Is there some kind of master list of everyone who has participated? That would be a cool project, if no: follow the tag chain backwards and make a web site with everyone's lists. Who wants to do this? It could be a visual cloud, almost. Maybe something like 43things.

Okay, here goes.

1. I have Autosomal dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO). I am mildly photosensitive in that I sneeze when exposed to bright light. Usually if I feel a sneeze coming on and I need to get it out, I can stare upwards towards the sun for a couple of seconds, and there you go. About a quarter of humans have it.

2. I am one half German (Alsfeld), a quarter Italian (Trento /Lago di Garda), an eighth Portuguese (Macao) and an eighth Japanese (Nagasaki). Maybe I'll tell you guys this story in my next entry?

3. Seahorses are my favorite animal. They are also - not by accident - the only thing I know how to draw. Any sketchbook or notebook of mine will have dozens of seahorses srinkled throughout.

4. I studied Tang Soo Do for three years, and have a two-striped green belt. I always think about starting up again (maybe Judo this time).

5. I sometimes feel like it was a serendipitous accident that led to my being asked to join the team at Naked. I am in constant awe of everyone I work with, and wonder every so often whether I belong here. I hear this is fairly normal, though.

I tag:

Nicole Przybojewski (one of my closest friends and a brilliant copywriter in Portland),

Clay Parker Jones (blogosphere friend from Chicago and an intuitive /insightful mind),

Jack Cheng (another blogosphere friend from NY who is at SS+K and very awesome /generous /brilliant),

Lee Maschmeyer (planner @ McKinney who is SO so smart) and

Mike K (friend whom I graduated with, at our London office, very magnetic and innovative).
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