01 December 2006


Working on a technology account can have its perks. Yesterday, we got three boxes full of Nokia E62s. I've been fiddling with mine for six hours and have only seen about a tenth of what this thing has to offer.

I'm excited to be e-mailable at any point in time. I can bring this with me on my flight tonight instead of a laptop. This makes going through security easier, turning it off and on during takeoff and landing easier, and now I don't have to worry about having a WiFi connection when coworkers or clients need a quick response. I am probably one of the last people in this industry to have an e-mail device, but oh well. I'm extremely excited. I named him Zero Cool, after the main character in the 1995 movie Hackers (which I own on VHS of course, to keep with the theme of the state of technology at the time).

What many don't realize is that on the E62, you get full Internet (I have the BlackBerry unlimited plan /chip /card /thingie). Not the crap mobile Internet that comes on most phones. full.internet. I can read my RSS feeds ANYWHERE now (well, not on the subway...). hooray! Thank you, Nokia.
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