05 January 2007


New Years breakfast
Originally uploaded by tokyohanna.
Hi everybody! I'm a little late to say Happy New Year on the fifth, but I hope everyone's was wonderful. I have been scarce; I was with Patrick on the Chesapeake Bay for end-of-2006, and it was in the middle of nowhere. literally! thirty minutes to the nearest drug store. I had minimal mobile phone reception, and no Internet. no hot water either. It was a nice experiment, and I think I fared quite well. I definitely needed the break from technology (see this entry for something related).

Another reason for my scarcity is loosely related to this photo - my last meal (breakfast on the 2nd) before last night's. I was sick until the end of yesterday, and had to skip my first day back at work. It upset me because I had been itching to come back since probably my fifth day off. But I feel fine now, I had a tummy-warming meal of udon with tempura shrimp last night, and everything is wonderful in the world.

I am very hopeful for this year, but it'll be hard to top 2006, I think. In just that year I had so many firsts. Getting a Master's degree, traveling for a job interview, buying a piano, getting hired for my first real job ever, driving to a big city one-way, starting a career, becoming completely financially independent, hunting for and getting an apartment, going on a business trip, going on New Year's vacation... I can't even believe that I did half of this stuff, but I'm still in one piece and happier than ever. I met some incredible people last year, including all of my new blogfriends (most of them in real life) and seen some wonderful places (Seattle might have been my favorite, even though I was only there for 14 hours).

This blog was also started in January 2006, mostly as a personal project of self-reflection; it has gotten me so so far, even though not that many people even read it. For that I am thankful. And for those of you who do read it (and are reading this right now), Happy New Year (:
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