26 January 2007

cellar door turns 1!

Happy Birthday, cellar door!

What started out as a portfolio assignment has turned into so so so so so much more. I have learned more about myself than I otherwise could have. I have met more wonderful people that I otherwise could have. I've participated in fascinating conversations, been inspired to experience more culture than ever before, and actually learned more about planning and this business than I would have from simply living.

I want to thank all of you. I wouldn't have been able to do half of it hadn't it been for you guys. Noah for welcoming me to New York and inviting me to Likemind, Jack and Michael for the epitome of realizing Web 2.0, Russell for giving me ideas without even realizing it, Amber for inspiring me to visit the Design Triennial (and write an article on it), Ed for introducing me to all Naked, Clay for being so generous and enthusiastic and inspiring, everyone everyone everyone. Thank you!
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