14 January 2007

yay for Amber.

sunshine cupcake
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I am dedicating this post to Amber because she inspired me not long ago to visit the Design Triennial at Cooper Hewitt. Well, I loved it, and I am grateful. Thank you.

This morning, Patrick sleepily asked me to tell him a story. I told a story of two girls walking through a magical city together - one with lights and colors that looked like a kaleidoscope and walking through a cartoon. Where you could taste the blue floating cloud shapes and yellow floating triangular shapes. Well, the exhibit was much like that. colors and swirls and lines and lights everywhere. and soothing sounds. It was a synaesthete's world, I bet. I loved it all. It took me forever to get to, but it was worth it. The museum i.d. sticker thing is an orange SQUARE. love.

It was cold and gray and foggy all day, and it made the Upper East Side look even MORE strange to me. What an alternate universe. At first I felt physically uncomfortable walking west on 91st through Lexington, Park, etc. but then I realized that it's really kind of pretty up there. Not for me right now in my life, but nice in a very specific way.

Getting to the Lower East Side was a nightmare. I finally gave up in SoHo, got out of the subway and walked. From the middle of the museumvisit I was feeling faint and weak from not eating. It made the mesh of colors and sounds and shapes even more intense to me, I bet. I finally got to teany, and had a wonderful meal of tomato soup (I keep forgetting they serve soup in those little tall mugs), vegan BLT and teanychino. I didn't want them to think I was a greedy brat, but I still wanted dessert, so I paid and went to Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I wasn't in a fancy mood, so I just asked for a sunshine cupcake, and what I got was a pink one. delicious. Getting home was a breeze.

Notes from my Moleskine from the museum:

Tom Scott's knitwear reminds me of early Issey Miyake. Judy Geib Plus Alpha makes me remember why I love art nouveau so much. swirling and organic shapes in the thinnest thinnest gold. chunky emeralds that are as they were found. hammeredly framed in gold.

Google has a space in this exhibit. good. "transformed the way [we] access information."

Wow, I was just talking about blik yesterday.

Tobias Wong's work makes me think of Dadaism for the 21st century.

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