05 April 2007


You know that huge light bulb that went off in someone's head one day - the one that led them to search for expensive things on eBay, misspelled? They got Compaq computers for next to nothing by simply typing "Compack" into the search field, for example. One person's mistake is another person's steal (almost literally). So, remember this.

Guess why I think the person behind Abundant Bible "By God's mercy, one of the largest Bible-centered sites on the web" is a genius.

Did you see anything out of the ordinary (besides terrible web design, which actually isn't that out of the ordinary)? Click on it and look again. Closer. The URL reads tokyohanna.blogpsot.com. My best friend Nicole was typing too fast while trying to go to my blog, and her mistake led to this web site. Noah told me that apparently they bought the redirect. Every time someone mis-types while going to someone's Blogger-hosted blog, they get redirected to Abundant Bible. I don't think they're one of the largest "by God's mercy." Think of how many eyes they get. I don't know how successful the conversion to sales is, but think of the exposure.
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