02 April 2007


A strange package arrived for me at Naked today. I wasn't expecting anything.

this arrived in the mail for me. what could it be?

I inspected the label, and it seemed to be from Thailand. This was inside:

a hand-made candle!

Beautiful, a hand-made candle! I opened the enclosed note:

the note.

Dear : Johanna
I hope you will like it, a hand-made candle.
On 13 Apr, It's Thai New Year.
Take it as a New Year gift from me.
Best wishes,
Oakie :)

GAH! I am floored and truly touched. I have been blogfriends with Oakie for quite a while now. He is applying to the Adcenter, and frankly I think they would be nuts if they didn't take him. I don't think I've ever met such an enthusiastic and friendly guy. He's like a sponge too - eager to learn about everything. A very thoughtful friend, as well. Thank you, Thanit :)
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