15 May 2007

That's what I like to hear.

Continuing on with the Young Minds theme. I have a friend who is an undergraduate studying at the New School... we met through my blog several months ago and became fast friends. I just got this email from her:

OH MY GOD, JOHANNA, I AM GOING INSANE --- here's the thing:

I interviewed for three jobs this week. Okay? Three.

One --- working as a nanny for this kick ass family in Southampton for $8,000 for the summer. (can we say yes please?)
Two --- working as a nanny for this slightly more down-to-earth family with less kids and cooler political tirades in Brooklyn Heights for the summer (again..... i'm okay with this)
Three --- working as a paid intern at [NY office of a small hot shop based in Europe] (snuck into the One Show Interactive last Friday and met some people... interviewed the next Monday)

Okay so today I was just walking along, minding my business, and I get a call. Offered job one, I'm super psyched, I say I'll think about it and call her back tonight but really I'm just thinking "Um, YES". One hour later, the woman I met from [NY office of a small hot shop based in Europe] calls (granted, I interviewed the DAY before) and she wants to offer me a full-time internship there this summer. And all the sudden I have a choice to make, and I'm so happy/confused I could kick a wall on accident and not feel my broken toes. (ever get that feeling?) Okay, so just about a half hour ago I get a call from the Brooklyn family and not only do they want to offer me the nannying job, but they wonder if I would mind extending it into the fall (working around my class schedule of course) which is amazing and means I wouldn't have to look for a paid gig come Fall semester. And WAIT there's more. WHILE i'm on the phone with Brooklyn guy, a call beeps in that I ignore. I check my voicemail after we're done and it is (who else?) [big, big global ad agency] calling to say that they actually discovered they have enough extra room in the budget to give me a spot and that they would love to hire me. HIRE. I heard the word YES about four times in two hours.

Man, I love it when this kind of thing happens. I'm so psyched for her. Congrats, love.
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