25 July 2007


Last night was the LVHRD photo duel/battle/challenge (PHTHRD). The secret location ended up being Smack Mellon in DUMBO, which was fantastic and had a beautiful view. There were free copies of Surface Magazine, Dewar's and bottles of Fred water, and the music by Turntable Labs was perfect for the energy (the Deceptacon remix they were playing as I left was my favorite of the night). I finally got to meet Richie Rich after that failed photo opportunity two summers ago (he was a great host, mingling throughout the chaos of stylists, makeup artists and flashbulbs to give us periodic updates from his microphone). The constestants' photos will be posted tomorrow Monday (?), upon which everyone can vote for the winner.

literally DUMBO

Smack Mellon

makeup case

Photos from me, everyplace and ohyoucrazy.
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