10 August 2007

DJs vs. Socialites as the center of attention

I let the fact that the Daft Punk /Rapture show was sold out dissuade me from trying to go anyway. That was dumb. I could have easily gotten a ticket. There is no point in regretting this now because it's over, so I rode my bike to Studio B for the after party. Luckily I had RSVP'd before the list closed, so I didn't have to pay the twelve dollars. At least I did something right.

By midnight or one in the morning, it got crazy. Ed Banger and Throne of Blood were the main attractions of the party, and the "special guests" advertised on the flyer ended up being Sebastian & Kavinsky, who had come over from the show. A lot of Justice crept into the sets, so I was happy.

Something I wasn't used to was how much energy was concentrated and focused towards the DJs, who were elevated high above the crowd. The DJs at the parties I go to obviously play a seminal role in things, but they are always off to the side while people fill the dance floor and socialites stand around and get photographed and or adored. Here, everyone was cheering at the DJs and throwing up their arms towards them. (Yes I do understand that these are semi-celebrity-level DJs instead of just the New-York-dance-nightlife micro scene. But is that all? Maybe these people just know how to let go of their BS more and just have fun.) It was cool to see. There was so much fire coming from the crowd that I thought the venue might explode. Sort of.

I didn't feel so badly about missing the show when I left this party at 3.15am (people still dancing their faces off). Dino, I wish you had been there!

[photos by thecobrasnake and gin&juice]

EDIT | Just found this video posted of a Dafterparty clip... captures the energy really well. [from mas-forever]
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