18 August 2007

Holga, take one.

This is what I bought
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Two weeks ago, I bought a Holga after wanting one for years (I seem to be buying a lot of wanted-for-a-long-time things lately). Most of you know what lomography is; and, well, a Holga is a type of lomo. It's a toy camera from China. Since I hadn't shot film in years and never shot medium format film, I got a starter kit. It came with batteries, film, a manual, a lomography book, a poster, a cord and electrical tape for taping the batteries in or covering light leaks. A lot of people don't cover the light leaks because they add to the beauty of these types of photos.

Anyway, I forgot to put a frame mask in, so one good jiggle and the batteries fell out. They were dancing around in the camera and I couldn't do anything about it because they were behind the loaded film. I therefore couldn't use the flash (this one can rotate to four different color flash settings) for my first roll. Since I didn't really know what I was doing, only two of the twelve photos came out. I am happy and optimistic though, and think my next roll will reflect my increasing familiarity with this thing. I named the camera Fred, by the way.

This is my friend Prabir. He writes music and sings songs and was visiting for a couple of days. You probably need to have a Mac in order to see him.

Holga 2

This is right outside of a store called Junk, where I almost bought a coffee table and a bunch of old postcards several months ago.

Holga 1

ta-da! Now go outside and enjoy this weather :)
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