14 August 2007

Steps to a better morning.

Utilitarian. Good.
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Maybe the silliest entry I will ever write.

when: nighttime, just before bed.

1. Put filter in coffee maker.
2. Put Dunkin' Donuts cinnamon coffee grounds in filter.
3. Fill coffee maker with water.
4. Go to sleep.

when: morning, after waking up.

01. Get out of bed.
02. Walk out of bedroom.
03. Flip switch on coffee maker.
04. Take shower.
05. Walk out of bathroom to your entire apartment smelling like a cinnamon bun.
06. Get favorite diner mug out of cupboard.
07. Pour coffee until 3/4 full.
08. Add milk.
09. Smile & enjoy.
10. Don't mind jerks shoving you on the L train. and smile again. awake.
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