01 August 2007

week color food

Yesterday afternoon, I realized that ROYGBIV is made up of the same amount of colors as there are days of the week. So I decided that next week I will only eat /drink things that correspond to that day's color. only red things on Monday, only orange things on Tuesday, etc. I will document this whole thing and will have a little photography project at the end.

I'm sure someone somewhere has done this before. It's too obvious of an idea for it to have not happened.

Since indigo and violet will be tricky, I'm dividing them into dark purple and light purple, respectively. The food and drinks only have to be the colors - they don't have to be that color on the inside or originally come from that color (i.e. apples work for Monday, and I can have some sort of blueberry smoothie on Friday). I am not to use food coloring - that's cheating.

The end. It'll be an interesting week and I can't wait. Any and all suggestions for blue and 'violet' are encouraged (taro boba tea and blueberry bagels for Sunday is all I can come up with so far?). Candy is allowed, but in moderation.


  1. this is brilliant johanna. you should start a whole site full of food by color.

    such a great idea. :)

  2. violet: Eggplant, plum. Do grapes count?

    You could eat some of those edible flowers too. I'm sure there are violet ones.

  3. JOHANNA! Make sure afterwards you go right back to the rainbow because multiple colors is what's healthiest for you because the things that are in the foods are what help to make them that color.

    Blah blah blah, I know.

    Have fun!


  4. well if you eat fish, they tend to be blue-ish on the outside.

    And blue cheese...
    it has in the name, but apparently,it also has blue veins of mold, right?

  5. nice idea, i would love spicy orange day.

  6. Purple grapes, blackberries, sorbet, purple(technically red but the color is purple) onions, purple fruit flavored yogurt.

  7. This reminds me of the work of French artist, Sophie Calle.
    Calle asked writer and filmmaker Paul Auster to "invent a fictive character which [she]would attempt to resemble" and served as the model for the character Maria in Auster’s novel Leviathan (1992). This mingling of fact and fiction so intrigued Calle that she created the works of art created by the fictional character, which included a series of color-coordinated meals

  8. Thanks for all these ideas, guys!

  9. This may be too late, but for blue you can have Acai. It's one of the best/most beneficial fruits around, and it tastes amazing. You probably won't find any fresh acai berries at your local store since they are from brazil. However stores are now selling Acai juice and frozen acai pulp, which tastes kind of like a sorbet. Also Smoothie King has started selling Acai smoothies that are out of this world. You don't have to suffer when you eat blue!

  10. Interesting entry; I found your blog through Mentalfloss.com and posted an entry in my own blog referencing yours.

    I can't imagine what you missed without having a brown day and a white day.

    Great photographs on the flicr site, too!



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