01 August 2007

week color food

Yesterday afternoon, I realized that ROYGBIV is made up of the same amount of colors as there are days of the week. So I decided that next week I will only eat /drink things that correspond to that day's color. only red things on Monday, only orange things on Tuesday, etc. I will document this whole thing and will have a little photography project at the end.

I'm sure someone somewhere has done this before. It's too obvious of an idea for it to have not happened.

Since indigo and violet will be tricky, I'm dividing them into dark purple and light purple, respectively. The food and drinks only have to be the colors - they don't have to be that color on the inside or originally come from that color (i.e. apples work for Monday, and I can have some sort of blueberry smoothie on Friday). I am not to use food coloring - that's cheating.

The end. It'll be an interesting week and I can't wait. Any and all suggestions for blue and 'violet' are encouraged (taro boba tea and blueberry bagels for Sunday is all I can come up with so far?). Candy is allowed, but in moderation.
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