03 October 2007


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So, this isn't exactly a cultural topic, but I am excited about this and want to share. I adopted a two year-old cat last night. Her name is Kazu Yoshimi (after Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead and the robot-battling Yoshimi of Flaming Lips fame). I got her from KittyKind, a no-kill rescue /adoption group. They told me that they rescued her from another shelter where she was about to be euthanized. I will spare you all the gushing, but she is one of the sweetest cats I have ever been around. She sneezed in my face while I was asleep last night, which was adorable.

EDIT: I offered anybody at Naked free Pinkberry to anybody who got the two name references (without looking on the Internet). Arthur wins.

Arthur claimed his prize.

Also, I'll turn this into a semi-relevant post by saying that KittyKind is awesome. They interviewed me and had me fill out a form /application before telling me if I could adopt Kazu. The adoption fee of $125 covered her shots, testing, litterbox training, spaying, and a bag of dry food. She is getting over a cold, and they gave me free medication too. The fee also covers ten days of medical (if there are any problems I can just bring her in for that). After I signed the papers and paid, they even took me on a shopping trip throughout the store, giving me advice about different options for scratching posts, food, etc. THEN I got an e-mail this morning full of congratulations, further information, care advice and helpful links. Everything Communicates. I definitely recommend these guys.
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