13 December 2007


Last night I bought the Tokyo edition of the Time Out guide. In it, I read about one of the most exciting things to look forward to: a bar called Kagaya.

Apparently the owner of the bar is a ham. He has patrons pick a drink and country, and then disappears behind a curtain. He emerges dressed in a costume relating to the drink and country (although I'm wondering how a frog costume relates to the U.S., as mentioned in this blog entry). The cups make noises and move, and the owner performs puppet shows.

I read that bar guests have the option of dressing up as frogs and giant teddy bears as well. A travel section of Guardian calls it "part bar, part puppet show... one-man-cabaret of a dining experience." Here are some other things that people have to say:

The eccentric waiter soon re-appeared minus the frog costume, as if nothing had happened, to take our food orders. There was no conventional menu to be seen, but rather a deranged puppet show involving a teddy bear demonstrating how delicious the food was.

The hyperactive host kept popping behind his magic curtain and bringing us games and toys to play with. Table football, balloons, electronic games, and monkey costumes. I was grinning like a stoned toddler all night.

To be able to regress to the level of a brainless five-year-old while chugging beer is enormously liberating.

[from here]

...a 5-foot-5 fluorescent-green frog came bounding out of the closet and leaping across the room. The human jumping bean came as quite a shock, but it was just the beginning. With each round, we pushed the envelope a little further-kung fu master from China, Cossack dancer from Russia-until Mark finally threw in the towel with Sri Lanka.

[from here]

I hear there's a karaoke machine, too. Upon telling Amber about this place, she said "I'm afraid you're never going to come back, Johanna." Who knows _

[photos from seliberry & elswedgio]
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