02 January 2008

Top songs of the 90s?

Warning: This is a video-laden entry.

I went to Florida for a week for the holidays. When I'm there, I have the tendency to watch a ton of terrible television. One of the things I spent hours watching was VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s. It wasn't terrible at the time... it was fun to watch because a huge portion of those songs were very instrumental in my angsty teenage years, as they were with a lot of you (maybe). The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that there were some HUGE OMISSIONS in there that I cannot understand for the life of me. Thinking about them made me want to hear them /watch the videos, so here they are.

No Doubt: There was no No Doubt on the list. none. Out of 100 songs of the 1990s, no No Doubt. Whether or not you like them, there was no way to get away from them when you turned the TV on. I can't decide whether it should have been Just A Girl (which put them on the map and was an anthem for girls everywhere) or Don't Speak (which showed how versatile they were).

Speaking of (sort of), there was no Bush on the countdown. I feel like Glycerine should have been on there, my roommate thinks it should have been Everything Zen. Their Mouth remix was still my favorite (or Machinehead).

I did NOT like this song, but it was still very popular. Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars

This omission stunned me. Who could forget one of the biggest songs from Empire Records? Gin Blossoms - 'Till I Hear It From You

I might be able to understand why this one was left out, MAYBE. But it was one of my favorite songs and I was sad to not see it on the list. Superdrag - Sucked Out

Like it or not, this song was huge when I was in 7th grade. Seal - Kiss From A Rose

There was no Sponge on the list. Would it have been Plowed (Sony BMG disabled embedding, wth), or Molly?

Candlebox - You. Was this just huge to me? I am never sure when it comes to songs whose videos didn't get ridiculous rotation (like No Doubt's did. I still can't get over that).

Tonic - If You Could Only See (another video with disabled embedding from the label. Why?)

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (come on.)

I feel like these songs (and probably some others - comment with any omissions I may have missed myself) definitely definitely should have made the list. I am not sure which ones I would take out though; as much as I hate songs like EMF's Unbelievable, they were still pretty instrumental in the "music of the 90s" thing. I don't know, maybe they should have made it The 150 Greatest? _
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