08 February 2008


A few days ago, I got a Valentine's Day party invitation in my Inbox. I didn't recognize the sender's name, nor did I recognize the web site it was associated with (desedo.com). I immediately got furious, because how did these people get my email address, I get so much SPAM as it is, etc. etc. But then when I clicked on the attchment, I was struck by how nice it looked.

Desedo Invite

So, I went to their web site. For a while I had no clue still what Desedo was, yet still kept poking around because I liked the sparse design and little touches here and there.

desedo 4 desedo 3

There was a section called lagniappe, which is one of my favorite words; inside are presents! Two free winter mixes (one of which has the best Outkast song in it) and two calendar-themed desktops (which is great because pixelgirl has really been slacking on them). Still in good spirits, I poked around some more, figured out that they are a production house of sorts ("commercials and new media"), and then watched every single video clip. Several of them were TV spots... and I still watched them. Because they were so pretty. That never happens. One of them had my favorite cover song in it - Nouvelle Vague's version of The Clash's Guns of Brixton.

desedo 1

I am not sure what my point is other than it was a pleasant few minutes. I still have no clue how I am on their email list, but as of now that's just fine with me.
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