04 March 2008


I have been going absolutely insane lately; the past three weekends for me have consisted of work (both Saturday and Sunday), among other things. While this isn't terrible (I deal very well with things when I have the option to take a nap in the middle of the day if I like), I have a note on my computer with a mushrooming list of seven things to write about. It includes three exhibits (one of them probably irrelevant to talk about by now (the Stefan Sagmeister one @ Deitch Projects that is now over)), a couple of cool things I have seen around, etc. I'll get to it. I think.

So, apologies. For now though, here is something: my friend Ryan started a blog. Ryan is a friend of mine from grad school, and I've always been able to turn to him for snippets on everything cool (he was like my personal Wooster Collective-meets-NOTCOT). You can imagine how excited I was to hear the news.

Well, Ryan didn't disappoint. Less than a week after starting beenkbeenk, he uploads one of his latest videos called Dream.

For being his first venture into After Effects, I'd say: pretty damn good, kind sir. Thanks for making me smile today.

Everyone say hi to Ryan!
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