03 December 2008

PSFK Good Ideas Salon [Digital]

Yesterday I was on a panel with Noah, Mike and Claire Hyland in one of PSFK's Good Ideas Salons. PSFK usually puts out an annual trend report, but this time it's in the form of a book with Good Ideas to "encourage positive change in 2009." There are 8 accompanying breakfast sessions, each about a different topic. So far we've heard about Good Ideas in Mobile, Design, Collaboration and Digital (yesterday's).

We talked about all sorts of things, and I loved hearing everyone's points of view. Noah mentioned Wii and Guitar Hero as being virtual reality in today's sense of the word, sans goofy goggles and funny movements. Nintendo and Activision are taking actions and behaviors we're already familiar with, and putting them in a digital context. As Mike said, we're not becoming more and more like computers; computers are becoming more like us.

The beginning of the discussion, prompted by Jeff Squires, centered around virtual identities and creating histories digitally, like leaving breadcrumbs of your life. Noah's My First Tweet was brought up... I really like stuff like that and Photojojo's Time Capsule, because they bring some of your documented history back to you. Since these are democratized channels that are so easy to use (no matter where you are), it can sometimes turn into a mindless act of information pouring with less deliberate thought as creating something physical.

Anyway, here is a link to the Good Ideas in Digital video if you want to see/hear the rest, since my blog makes it unbearably tiny. Mike and Fast Company also wrote about it.
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