05 February 2009

Destination: Seoul @ MoMA's Design Store

I got an exciting email this morning:

The Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Design Seoul Headquarters of Seoul Metropolitan Government, and HyundaiCard have helped bring a new collection to the MoMA store. As the screen shot says, a collection of awesome stuff from young Korean designers. The stuff ranges from cute to strange, amusing and brilliantly practical. Check out the full collection here.

Korean Meal Business Card Holder by Hui Eun Chang

Tea Mug by Luna Seo - brilliant dip in the side!

Farfalle Brooch by Hye-ran Lee – so odd. love it.

Sandwich Sponge by Jaewon Yang & Hyung Jeong Lee – absurdly disarming (and subsequently charming).

Project Notebook by Second Hotel – love the idea of structuring a notebook with those 5 big questions: who, what when, where, why?

Luckily, there's a MoMA Design Store right down the street from Naked. See you there!
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