20 March 2009

Fata Morgana

Nearly two years ago, Noah introduced me to Pam, saying that he thought we'd get along. Well, we did and have been friends ever since. She has a blog called Phantasmaphile, which I've linked to before and read regularly. It has a very specific aesthetic, and I find myself describing it differently each time... I tend to use words like surreal, fantastical, magic, alchemy, dreamy, gothic and gossamer. Pam is the one who turned me onto Valerie and her Week of Wonders, if that helps any.

Last spring/summer, Pam told me about something she wanted to try doing: curate an art show. She told me about contacting all of her favorite artists and trying to sell the idea to a gallery. Well, nearly a year of not hearing much news later, I was delighted to get an email from Pam announcing the show! I was overjoyed at the news that everything had worked out and couldn't wait to see it.

I went to the Fata Morgana opening last weekend with my friend Laura, and it was spectacular. There were tons of people at Dabora Gallery – a venue that could not be more perfect for Pam's show – and it made me so happy to see it that packed. The gallery was dripping with chandeliers, dark red plushiness and a perfectly-matching Absinthe La Fee open bar.




I barely got to speak to Pam that night, because she was being pulled in a million directions by all sorts of people. I didn't mind and was thrilled to see so much interest in the show. Check it out; it's up until 12 April. Read some more information about the it and the gallery, and get a taste of some of the art.
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