29 March 2009

Project Send Help

My friend Woo had a drawing in a collaborative art show last night called The Send Help Project, hosted by CreativeLab in DUMBO. He is our designer at Naked, so I've seen tons of his digital work (in addition to the awesome stuff he does with his clothing label, AD4). But I didn't even know that he drew!

Going in

The show was packed (maybe in part due to the lovely Jean @ NOTCOT writing about it?). The theme of the show – "Send Help" – was basically interpreted in a bunch of different ways through different media. Here is the blurb from the site...
The words SEND HELP jumped out at us from the back of a road map on our way to Montreal. It's simplicity and immediacy stirred our thoughts and sparked our curiosities about the meanings behind the words, and the various images that are conjured up depending on the interpretation.

The Send Help Project is an art show that invites several artists to interpret the phrase "SEND HELP" in any way they choose, through any medium they choose.
Lots of creative stuff there: a Rapunzelesque braid leading from the elevator into the gallery; someone's résumé blown up on the wall; images of war; a nod to the scary state of our financial institutions. Here is Woo's drawing, I could have stared at it all night:

Woo's piece

The Doctor is in.

Isn't it awesome? Here are some others I liked a lot:

One of my favorites.

You know that part in Wind-Up Bird

I want to see the movie inspired by this.

I'm very proud of Woo and everyone else involved in this; great job to everyone. A few more pictures here.
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