15 September 2009

From :) to :\ in 30 seconds

This is going to be a quick one because I have approximately 30579 things on my plate, so sadly it's not as blown out as I would like it.

Anyway. I have my last.fm radio playing in the background when I work sometimes, and just now really liked what I was hearing (Miike Snow - Song for No One). I quickly flipped to the page to "♥" the track, and all of a sudden a little message appeared above the video.

Picture 11

Then I realized that it was the entire background that changed.

Picture 13


Picture 9

I thought this was pretty cool, since I (and I'm assuming many others too) get really excited when I find a song I like, and even more excited to be able to mark it down so I can listen to it in the future. AT&T seemed to no only recognize this happiness, but also do it with explosive hearts to make me even more giddy. Plus, hearting something on last.fm is a neat little feature, and I liked that out of the entire site, AT&T chose that as the focus point of their communication with us on the site.

Then I noticed this:

Picture 12

Perfect! I clicked on the Twitter icon so I could share the track with my friends. But guess where it took me.

Picture 10

oh. slanty face. How quickly I was reminded of AT&T Wireless's bottom line, and yanked out of my song elation. Never mind that it took me to a completely different site, but are those phones even music phones? In short, they did a complete 180. This could have been so much more! Like, what if I had then been able to create a play list of my ♥'ed tracks from this current radio session within last.fm, and then share it with my friends? I would like that. And the :) would have remained.
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