02 October 2009

Bleach re-released

It all started with this, yesterday afternoon:

Seeing a Nirvana song posted on a site that only features current releases was a treat. It ended up being a previously-unreleased, live version of a track from my favorite album, Bleach. Take a listen:

Reading further gave me the best news of the day (which was a tough feat; yesterday was pretty great!): For the 20th anniversary of its release (wow), SubPop is re-releasing Bleach as a double disc. The second disc contains the entire Pine Street session (remixed by Bleach's original producer), a booklet with a ton of previously unreleased pictures, and my favorite part: the vinyl is white. Apparently the original copy of Bleach was on white vinyl as well.

You can probably imagine by now that I pre-ordered it. I should be getting it by the end of the first week in November. That said, anybody want to buy my current vinyl copy? ^_~
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