05 October 2009

What do you know everything about?

Last week Alex asked me the coolest question I had heard in a long time. And now I'm going to ask it of all of you:

Everyone answer this!

I definitely wasn't prepared for Alex's answer: tennis courts. The best part is that when I asked why, he said, "I used to make them." WHAT! I don't know if I ever would have known that about him if this topic had not come up. That's fascinating.

So now I'm into asking everybody I know; I have a feeling that different people's answers could be surprising or not necessarily expected. For example, this is mine:

The better days

Please leave a comment and let me know yours; I'm sure this will start a bunch of interesting conversations ^^

04 October 2009

Death Note & A Cross The Universe

Two DVDs I ordered last week arrived –


The first one is called Death Note, which screened 2 years ago at the NY Asian Film Festival and is adapted from an animated series of the same name. I heard someone call Death Note a "gothic thriller" once, which I think is pretty accurate. And as you can imagine, this equals throngs of teenaged girls and otaku kids going nuts for it. I recently watched both live action movies and the sequel via Netflix and am minorly obsessed with one of the main characters, a detective named L with lots of eyeliner, a massive sweet tooth and aspergian tendencies. I fear that if I start watching the series, I'll never leave my house and spend a small fortune upping my Netflix plan.

The other one is a Justice tour documentary called A Cross the Universe that came out almost a year ago. It came with a bonus CD featuring a live show they did in San Francisco. The booklet features a ton of pictures from their 2008 tour, which fans got to submit when they were putting together the DVD/CD set. (Just a note: the trailer is a little NSFW)

Picture 4

Picture 3

I listened to the set at work last week and loved it, especially Phantom pt 1.5 (click to listen). The best part was that they closed with Master of Puppets with some Uffie mixed in, which they didn't do when I saw them @ Terminal 5 in 2007.

Picture 6

Picture 5

As for the DVD, I watched it on Friday night and it was thoroughly entertaining; never a boring moment. It definitely made me feel like my life was suddenly very boring. Let me know what you think if you've seen either or end up checking them out...

02 October 2009

Bleach re-released

It all started with this, yesterday afternoon:

Seeing a Nirvana song posted on a site that only features current releases was a treat. It ended up being a previously-unreleased, live version of a track from my favorite album, Bleach. Take a listen:

Reading further gave me the best news of the day (which was a tough feat; yesterday was pretty great!): For the 20th anniversary of its release (wow), SubPop is re-releasing Bleach as a double disc. The second disc contains the entire Pine Street session (remixed by Bleach's original producer), a booklet with a ton of previously unreleased pictures, and my favorite part: the vinyl is white. Apparently the original copy of Bleach was on white vinyl as well.

You can probably imagine by now that I pre-ordered it. I should be getting it by the end of the first week in November. That said, anybody want to buy my current vinyl copy? ^_~

01 October 2009

Untitled, Anonymous 2009 – revealed

The anonymous video project I wrote about almost a month ago (wtf, it's October?) had its official screening a couple of nights ago in London. Again, it's called UNTITLED, ANONYMOUS; clicking on that will take you to everyone's submissions, including mine! The theme of Paul's was around this Buddha quote that I hadn't heard before and now adore:

Picture 1

Great, isn't it? Check out a few of the videos; they range from beautiful and introspective all the way to bizarre, strange and completely bonkers.
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