06 September 2010

Pre-digital music playback and rotation

Part of my being unimpressed with iWork.com so far is that it seems I can't work on anything else while one file is being uploaded (which so far has taken about an hour and is not finished yet). So you get to look at some pictures. There is not too much deep thought to this post; I just was sitting on my couch last week, staring at an album playing on my record player. I thought, "So, this massive circle spins, and a whole song takes up very little space in this format. How did they ever think of doing it this way?"

Finally a new turntable.

And then I realized that over time (and up until digital files), everything that played music has been based on rotation. Duh. I know, so obvious. But it was fun to keep thinking of examples.


Organ grinder


Music box

Casette tape


Any more that I'm missing? I wonder if Steve Jobs got the click wheel idea from this.

Motivational credit: Photojojo linked to this picture of a pinhole camera sitting on a record while the turn table was spinning:

follow the tunes..

It inspired me to get this thought down before I forgot about it again. Cool, no?

EDIT 7 Sept | Zachary gave me two that I missed! Reel to reel and 8 track.

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