04 May 2011

Kiss Me Forever

Alexandre shared this music video with me last week, and I've been thinking about it since then. It's called Kiss Me Forever, by Julien Doré. He was raving about the song and video, and when I watched it I understood why. It's pretty catchy, and makes you want to do a silly dance or pump your bike tires and zoom down the street. The video though is the best part - it's a kind of loony mix of spring colors, cold, and said silly dancing. And a bichon frise. The slight silliness, slight Frenchness, and particular style of catchiness all reminded me of M's video for Qui de nous Deux.

JULIEN DORE : KISS ME FOREVER (2011) by artemis181

Most of all, it reminded me of the fact that it's May, and bright pops of color are showing up in store windows, yet New York didn't seem to get the memo – it's been cold and rainy since March. Watching Kiss Me Forever makes me not care as much.
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