26 October 2011


This came in the mail today:


I don't think I have been this excited about a book, ever. About a year ago, I read that Murakami's latest novel was to be translated to English, and that it was so long that it would be coming out in two volumes. I got so excited that I tried to quickly make myself forget about it, because I don't deal well with anticipation.

When murmurs started up about 1Q84 again a few months ago, I immediately put the pre-order in my Amazon cart, probably got distracted, and forgot to check out, leaving it sitting there. I have 10 other books of his (8 novels and 2 short story collections); just as I was sorting through them all tonight (a very strange coincidence), Mister Toky knocked on my door, holding the copy he had pre-ordered for me with a smile. I hugged it and hopped around the apartment for a bit, read a random sentence fragment toward the middle, and then set it aside. Things are way too nuts right now to even consider starting a book of this length that I know will consume me, but in about 2 or 3 weeks' time... let's just say my friends might be seeing a bit less of me for a while :)
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