31 January 2012

Project 366: January

I knew I wanted to do some kind of year-long creative project in 2012, but was hitting a wall whenever I tried to brainstorm about it. I finally half-meekly decided to try a Project 365, encouraged by a Photojojo newsletter on photography project ideas for the new year. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to do it, so I kept very quiet about it until, well, now. I love it, and one perk of doing this in 2012 is that I get to take one extra picture since it's a leap year.

I thought it would be very stressful (sometimes I find myself sprinting to markets at the witching hour before a Dietribes has to go out), but it's actually so much fun and not at all taxing on my sanity. It makes the time not fly by as quickly, and it forces me to look at things more, consider things more, and make definite decisions every day. One of the things I told myself I wouldn't do is pick my favorite photo out of several taken each day, and use it as that day's – each day, I say to myself, "This will be today's picture," and I take and use it.

Anyway, here is what January looked like --

Project366: January

Some highlights: Soup dumplings. Piping hot coffee on a below-freezing day. Pretty street lighting in another city. The ghost of a subway line. A flu of some sort (notice the string of pictures of my ceiling, my wall, my cat on my bed, and "feel good" food). Snow. A beautiful cream cheese case with blueish display lighting. A birthday dinner. Candy from my childhood.

I'll be doing one of these every month this year in lieu of "[Month] in Pictures," so keep your eyes peeled.

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