10 March 2012

Project 366: February

I'm a bit late to this one, woops. Here's what February looked like in my Project 366 (which is still a ton of fun, by the way):

Project 366: February

I played with a more purple-ish filter this time, to see if the month could end up looking like a more tightly connected gestalt of dreaminess, but I can't really tell the difference between this mosaic and January's. Anyway, here is my favorite picture from February, including the caption from that day (I might start doing this regularly):

50/366: Sauce

19 February 2012

My 50th picture!

The cappuccinos in this place are gigantic, and I had the most strange and delicious thing for lunch – this potato linguine which was basically like spaghetti squash. It was prepared with brown butter and sage, and had a crispy fried egg on top. It came on the cutest little plate, and by the end I was relieved it had been a smaller dish since the flavors were so intense. So so so so good. And they played my absolute favorite type of music the entire time I was there – New Order, Flock of Seagulls, Berlin, Smiths, Depeche Mode, Talk Talk, need I say more?

Also, fun fact: I used "neon" as a tag on this one because I recently found out that the gas that makes these types of signs red is the only one called neon. The gasses that produce other colors have completely different names. Interesting, no?

Some February highlights: First time under general anesthesia. Had a lot of good food (moules frites, ramen twice, cupcakes). Got inspired (coffee with Michael, brunch with Felix, TED). Went to Cleveland. Nice. And I got to take my extra photo for the year on the 29th.

If you're curious:
Neon Girl: Meryl Pataky (I sat next to Meryl in high school art and adore what she's doing now.)

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