04 September 2012

Project 366: August

All right guys, happy September! This is what August looked like --


My favorite picture was taken in Coney Island --

239/366: Paul?

239/366: Paul?

26 August 2012

Mr T had never been to Coney Island, and I hadn't been for a few years, so we trekked out after brunch. We walked around a lot, had fried clam strips with beer, sat on the beach and talked and read, played games, and went to Nathan's. We finished everything off with a Chinese dinner and drinks at a tucked away bar. And then I lost my Metrocard that I had just put $50 on that morning :| other than that, though, the day was a huge success!

Coney Island felt less like a creepy run down boardwalk that nobody wanted and more like a vibrant destination again. Things were freshly painted, there were more rides, and more people, yet the charm of its Americana, Kodak-Brownie past were all still there too. The history and present were integrated really nicely. What a dream.

Otherwise: I caught up with my old boss, Paul, who brought me to New York. I had a two-day migraine. I learned the basics of Arduino and got to spend time in 3rd Ward for the first (and not the last) time. I ate a bunch of octopus. I went back to Cleveland. I gazed at the skyline from a penthouse/roof party in Williamsburg. I went to the beach for the first time in two years – a brushy, duneish beach that reminds me of what I imagined the beach in a middle school summer reading book, The Jellyfish Season, to look like.

See you guys next month!

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