03 December 2012

EFIT: 17 November

Julie and I hadn't done an EFIT in two years, so she pinged me about a weekend one. Needless to say, I was looking forward to it. Here are mine:

10.01: Woke up to my twinkly alarm. Kazu was sleeping in with me.
10:01 - I woke up to my alarm (a custom Lullatone ringtone), and found Kazu hanging out with me.

11.37: Had a train disaster and flew out the subway station to catch a taxi instead. Late to meet Laura!
11:37 - I was very flustered at this point, because an MTA worker led me astray and I ended up waiting 20 minutes for a train that never came. I zoomed out of the station and, panting, hailed a cab to take me to my (now late) meetup with Laura.

12.20: Coffee with Laura
12:20 - Coffee and lots of talking with Laura to start the day.

13.16: Approaching the MoMA Tokyo Avant Garde exhibit
13:16 - Member previews at the MoMA for the new avant garde Tokyo exhibit. My favorite pieces were by Nakanishai Natauyuki, and Akasegawa Genpei. I may write about them later. We were both terrified by an alien egg larvae type thing in a baby carriage installation. Complete with flickering lights.

14.11: Move the postcard side to side and the horse runs. I wanted it so badly.
14:11 - A postcard in the MoMA store that showed a horse galloping as you moved it from side to side. Boy did I want that thing.

15.42: Laura had a violent tomato craving. We got bloody marys and split a burger with tomato slice and ketchup.
15:42 - Laura had a violent and inexplicable tomato craving, so we took a train downtown to have bloody Marys and split a burger with ketchup. Delicious.

16.42: New Museum window display :: pop-up tattoo studio
16:42 - We wandered around a little afterward, and came upon a window display at the New Museum - a popup tattoo studio.

17.42: Pretending I know how to sew, assembling a package for a friend
17:42 - I spent the next few hours putting together a care package for a friend; this hour involved pretending I knew how to sew.

18.18: Still crafts; more of care package. I am better with washi tape than with a needle and thread.
18:18 - More work on the package, this time moving onto envelopes and washi tape.

19.18: Still working on that package! Now stitching together a playlist in Garageband.
19:18 - I stitched together a bunch of songs into a single-track playlist falling under a theme that I can only describe as iceland-pony.

20.30: Making myself drink water while getting ready to go out.
20:30 - I never drink water; I can't stand the stuff. I keep making myself drink glasses of it, though. This was while getting ready to go out.

21.51: Happy Birthday, Jack! He had people over to one of my favorite bars. I met some wonderful people and saw some old friendly faces as well.
21:51 - My good friend Jack had a small gathering at one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn for his birthday. This filter came out pretty amazing, which is a good thing because this photo (and the next) were originally pitch black.

22.39: Birthday shots. Dangerous.
22:39 - Birthday shots, I think they were Jameson. Oh boy. At least it wasn't as cold outside (at least, to me) by the time I left.

One thing I screwed up on was: I was so frazzled during the 11AM and 12PM slots that I completely forgot to take photos. I was horrified, and went back to the scene of each hour, and staged exactly what I was doing at those times. So I drank two lattes that day, and chased two taxis.

It was interesting to do this along with Project 366, and to think about whether there were going to be photo overlaps. Answer: no. Here is my Project 366 picture from the day:

322/366: Charles De Gaulle, on the waulle.

There was a huge numbered wall with little descriptions on it, and an adjacent wall with numbered photos to match them, outside of the TOKYO exhibit. That one was my favorite.

I did an EFIT a few days later for Laura, so expect a post on that soon!

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