01 January 2013

Project 366: December + reflections.

Project 366. This was technically my biggest photography project ever, though the stress was much lower than some other ones I've done - it was just prolonged over a very long time. For anyone who doesn't know, it's usually called Project 365, and involves taking one picture a day for a year (2012 was a leap year).

I won't get too involved in reflections, because they're similar to those of most people who do one of these. It's not for the faint of heart, but can be easy if you are the type to take pictures all the time anyway, and always have your camera on hand. I myself used my iPhone exclusively for this, sometimes subbing in Instagram pictures or Picframe-created ones when I lost the original copies before uploading. I've been thinking of turning the photos into a book and giving it to my parents, since we don't live in the same place and it might be nice for them to read about the smaller things I notice and think about.

Ok, let's see what December looked like!

Project 366: December

My favorite:

344/366: laundry helper

344/366: laundry helper

9 December 2012

Slightly blurry. Most pictures I try to take quickly so people don't notice and things don't get awkward turn out blurry.

This was really cute to see during my least favorite thing to do in the world: laundry. For non New Yorkers: Having a washer/dryer in your apartment is a rare luxury. It is at the top of my list for my next apartment hunt, since I hate traveling to do it so much that weeks go by between laundromat visits, making the 10 block trek each way that much heavier and more terrible.

Other December highlights: Saw The Faint in concert, which was my favorite show of the year. Bought another ring from The Great Frog. Started building a portable iPhone charger. Saw a flock of sheep on Bond Street. Saw a bunch of decorated Christmas houses. Spent a good long time with family for the holidays.

Anyway, there you have it! Here are all of my favorite photos of each month, together, to take the place of my usual "year in pictures" -

Project 366 highlights

Feel free to peruse the Flickr set of the project, or read about each month here.

Oh, and happy 2013. If you're feeling adventurous, do one of these! You still have 12 hours to start, if you're on the East Coast.


  1. This is great! Really impressive that you were able to do it for so many days in a row.

  2. i was thinking about doing this actually. my problem is i don't leave the house much and my surroundings aren't nearly as exciting as new york city. still. we'll see. i have a few hours left to start. thanks for the inspiration :) happy new year!

  3. Thanks Dennis! I have to admit that there were a few times that I couldn't wait for the thing to be over ;)

    Sophia, I hear you. Photojojo just posted a bunch of tips to make it seem less daunting though, which could bring some variety to your photos despite not being in NYC


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