30 March 2006

Apple vs. Apple

Has anybody been reading the news about Apple Corps suing Apple Computer?

Apparently they signed some kind of contract in 1991 that agrees on each company's usage of the name and imagery for their respective brands. Apple Corps somehow thinks that iTunes is a violation of this agreement, and they are suing for damages of undisclosed amounts.

I guess Apple Corps didn't want Apple Computers to get into anything music-related, since the former is a record label. But clearly, all iTunes does is sell music owned by other artists and record labels, while protecting all copyrights and giving us superior sound quality.

Apple Computer's lawyer said that "any moron in a hurry" would be able to tell the difference between the two brands. heh. Apple Computer distributes files for us; they are obviously not in music production.

"The agreement says Apple Computer can 'deliver' music as long as it isn't in physical form." (WSJ) Last I checked, you couldn't reach out and touch a digital music file.

Now, no Beatles music is available on iTunes. Considering iTunes's surge of success and firm place in cultures around the world today, that seems like Apple Corps's loss to me.
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