03 April 2006

coffee shops.

I wonder if I can create complete experience schemas by writing down the main sensory stimulator for each?

Let's see. One of my favorite "moods" is introverted / introspective. For example, going to a coffee shop and people-watching, having my drink, maybe getting a bite to eat, doing some work on my iBook (with free wireless), etc.

eyes : lots of light and colors (sometimes through the lens of my Minolta)
ears : "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" by Rufus Wainright
hands /touch : iBook keys, the smooth pages of a Moleskine (see previous entry)
taste : cafe au lait (hot or iced, depending on the weather)
smell : ground coffee beans

Let's try another?

mood : date night (Nicole and I have a date night every Thursday. I am turning it into a mood.)

eyes : dim lights (as if someone took a photo without the flash) and smiles
ears : "Seventeen Years" by Ratatat
hands /touch : some sort of cup or glass
taste : ice cream
smell : pink

I don't know if that worked. I think it was just another way of creating or looking at a schema, instead of anything new or different.
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