03 April 2006


I was very, very late to get my first Moleskine. I was at the art store yesterday, and they were out of my favorite sketchbooks, the 8.5"x11" black linen-bound. While waiting for more to be shipped, I decided to give this brand a try. Nicole loves them, Laura has one, I gave one to Jamie for her birthday... why not?

Upon opening the wrapper, I realized that this truly is a great brand that pays attention to all of the details. my favorite.

I got a plain ruled notebook.

First of all, the label across the front is color coded for each type of book they sell. Look at the typeface, and placement of.

Each one comes with a little sheet of labels "for sending signals, exchanging messages, collecting ideas."

For the time being, I put them into the little built-in sleeve in the back cover.

It even comes with a little history booklet.

Each page has beautifully rounded corners.

I was reminded of the opening of 1984... when the main character is presented with the smooth, creamy paper of the notebook. I think it was a notebook. hiding from the screens. That's what I felt like - like I had discovered something so wonderful that it almost seems like it shouldn't exist, or be allowed. Well done, Modo & Modo.
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