02 May 2006

for the body and soul.

For the past couple of weeks, I have gotten these... raw leek attacks. I will crave raw leeks, and eat them over and over until my stomach burns. I wonder what is in leeks that my body was/is lacking.

Yesterday Nicole called me. She almost yelled "Where are you?!" I thought I had missed a date with her. She told me that she had to see me "right now" because she had something for me. She sounded so excited and agitated, some of the things she said were "I'm sorry, I'm feeling really extreme!" and "I'm so sorry, this is so dumb, you have to meet me and get in my car. Patrick can come too, but he has to stand outside because there is no room."

I couldn't wait to see! I wondered if she had gotten a tattoo. Gotten me a kitty. What could it be?

I got into her car, and she started pulling ALL THESE TOYS out from her bag. We had a toy-opening party! She must have spent SO much money, because they are all imported from Asia.

They are SO CUTE. She is probably the only person that would do something like this. She kept going "Don't say anything! Shut up! I don't know what happened! I couldn't stop!"

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