26 May 2006

Memorial Day Weekend, those idiot marketers and Breakfast on Pluto

1. One of my best friends asked me tonight what my plans are for the weekend. NOTHING! I haven't been able to say that in a long time. I mean, I will e-mail as many agencies as I can. I will also go to a coffee shop with one of my summer reading books, maybe I'll write, maybe I'll take photos. I am excited. I can't get into Adcenter to start printing out my new book, because, well, my after-hours card wouldn't work anymore, because I am no longer a student. eek, creepy to say that.

2. I just read something terribly disturbing in Adweek. A survey was sent to marketers all over the country; while they are aware of how rapidly technology and the digital landscape are changing, they aren't planning to take advantage of it at all. Look at these statistics:

  • 72% do not plan to use advergaming in the next year
  • Mobile marketing is used by 11% of respondents, 57% of whom say they do not plan to try it in the next year.
  • 13% reported using blogs or social networks in marketing, and 49% said they had no plans to do so in the next year.

    alarming. all of it. Video on mobile phones is going to be at 36 million by 2009. I know they read these stats. Maybe it's that they think that this technology exploding in all directions is the future. wrong. It's the now. Take advantage. This is where your consumers are. Speak to them there. One of the several reasons for why I admire R/GA so much.

    3. I saw Breakfast on Pluto today. I had Netflixed it without even knowing what it was about. It's a wonderful Irish movie about family and friendship and incredible journies. It's kind of a cross between Almost Famous and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. kind of. My love of androgyny was definitely fed. I recommend it. 4 out of 5 stars. beautiful music, too.
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